Next Page Please – and a techno wish list

I love the fact that Chelsea wants to read so much and I love that she loses herself in a book for up to 4 hours at a time.

I love that we have worked out the best way for her to be able to read  is  a $4.99 plastic reading stand that can take text books or paperbacks and fits into her school bag for use at school and at home.

What I don’t love:

  1. Stephanie Myers and  the authors of all things that teenage girls love: Vampires, werewolves  and insipid heroines. From Twilight to The Vampire Diaries to the 619 pages that is The Host- aaargh!
  2. NEXT PAGE PLEASE – every 2 minutes less if it is the start or end of a new chapter.

On the scale of challenges we face, not being able to turn over the pages in a reading book is not even in the top 100, but in terms of daily irritants it’s probably number one. Before your mention Kindle or I things,  been there done that. We never did get to work out if the Kindle would turn pages automatically for her. The flicker on the screen and wipe action when pages turned was too irritating to her eyes and she found it hard to read so we went back to low tech which works beautifully for about 2 minutes until. NEXT PAGE PLEASE.

I have turned 1o times since I started this, and tend to lose my train of thought and everything therefore takes a bit longer.  I am always telling Chelsea that she can be anything she chooses to be when she grows up as technology will catch up and someone somewhere will develop and app or machine to offset her physical challenges .

So if any techno wizards happen by this or if Steve Jobs happens to read it in no particular order here it is:

Top 10 wish list for things that my average quadriplegic teenager needs you to get working on:

  1. I need a voice activated, paralysis friendly, non eye irritating, auto page turning solution, that can take text books and teen novels…NEXT PAGE PLEASE
  2. Voice or Eye activated drawing tools. She wants to be in fashion and she can only  be the next Stella McCartney  if she can draw pictures.
  3. Voice amplification  – compatible with tracheostomy ventilation that doesn’t sound like a Dalek (Dr Who fans will know what I mean – exterminate!)
  4. Voice Recognition Software that is easy to use and can cope with variable voice tones and quality and works on phones and computer etc
  5. Disabot – robot specifically for the physically disabled which  can support and tend to their daily needs .
  6. Head Support system that doesn’t cause pressure sores or make her look like a Dalek (see 3)
  7. Mouse interface to connect with control panel for electronics  for someone who can’t move anything except her tongue and chin
  8. Nerve regeneration of spinal cord lesions … big one
  9. Electronic auto PT implant for the daily stretching and exercises
  10. I – stuff, Pods, Pads and Phones that my mom can work and understand and can be voice activated (see 4 above)

Next page Please… how about watching some TV Chelsea?



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