Today I was inspired and at the same time shamed by the writings of an astonishingly talented woman Heather Alessandro and her blog Grief Letters  which made me cry, laugh, sob and curl up in shame – a great read I can heartily reccommend it.

What Grief Letters made me realize is that I am not doing enough for Chelsea, my family, or more importantly for myself to deal with my  our life. Hence the relaunch today of  Mom on the Side . (the movie tag will have to be Mom on the Side – This time she’s serious!)  I started this a couple of years ago with a splutter not a bang and quickly got distracted by something – a hospital, school report, burnt cake, or screaming client –  take your pick.

I have 3 different blogs for work, I give speeches and training lectures and I will talk to people whenever I am asked the questions about What Happened to Chelsea?, and How do you guys manage? (we don’t of course!) and yet I have never got around to chronicling the amazing journey of the last 12 years or really shared Chelsea’s amazing story or had her help me write it.

So here we are, at the start of what I hope will be a beautiful friendship. Chelsea has seen the draft and approved it so we are up and running. Please comment or share you thoughts or reactions to anything we post.

And thanks again to Heather for the inspiration.


About Sandra F

Juggling work, family and personal life without much success...
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